This is a selection of’s most popular styles.  If you are looking for something you don’t see here please call (305.238.9001) and we’ll help you navigate the generic sites of our two largest suppliers Catalog Sportswear and / or Company Casuals.  …which will open up in new windows

The G5000 is's most popular Tee.  It is a combination of great price and great quality that (all the way up to 5XL) comes in a very wide variety of colors


The Gildan G64000 SoftStyle tee is, as you might have guessed, softer (and a little bit lighter) than the more popular G5000. The 64000 a little more expensive than the G5000 and and it comes across as higher quality but both shirts, when it comes to wear and tear, stand up equally well.


The Gildan G2000 Ultra Cotton Tee is a heavier version of the (most popular) Gildan G5000.  The G2000 is, because of it's heavier weight, more popular in most of the country than it is here in sunny South Florida.  We like this tee, it's a good quality tee but we ( does not print too many of them.


G5000B is a smaller / cuter version of the very popular (adult) G5000.


The Gildan G5400 is's most popular long sleeve. It's a great shirt for sunny day out door activities


The Gildan G2400 Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve is more popular than the short sleeve version  made from the same Ultra Cotton material.  This might be because of a ruggedness that goes well with the concerns of someone looking for a long sleeve work shirt


The Gildan G64VL Ladies Fitted V-Neck Tee is made of the same material as is the very popular G64000 SoftStyle unisex tee.  This one though has a V-Neck and is shaped so that it looks MUCH better on women than it would on men


The G64V is a V-Neck version of the very popular G64000 SoftStyle tee.


The Next Level NL3600 Combed Cotton Tee is a very popular 'fashion' tee.  It's a very high quality shirt that, even at a higher price, many of's customers really like


 The Bella+Canvas 3001c is another 'fashion' tee that is popular with some tMiami customers.  It (with it's soft feel and nice fit) is, admittedly, an easy shirt to like


The Sport-Tek ST340 is a true (short sleeve) moisture-wicking performance tee


The Sport-Tek ST340LS is a true (long sleeve) moisture-wicking performance tee


The Gildan G5300 100% Cotton T-Shirt is asking one simple question...  Why make your pants do all the work?


The Gildan G2300 100% Ultra Cotton Pocket Tee goes all the way up to 5XL while the lighter weight G5300 only goes up to 3XL


The Sport-Tek ST420, with 'Posi UV' protection has got your back if you and your back are going to be working or playing in the sun all day.


The Sport-Tek ST420LS with'Posi UV' protection (like the ST420) has your back if and when you spend your day in the sun but, with it's long sleeves, the ST420LS has your arms as well


The Next Level NL6251 Unisex CVC 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Baseball Tee is just as at home at a softball game as it would be at a concert during the 70s


With the Gildan G270 Ultra Cotton Sleeveless T-Shirt Gildan has made it unnecessary for some friends of mine to cut the sleeves off of their G2000s