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Tee Tips

You might want to consider social media when designing your t-shirts.  With an image or logo printed on the full front of your shirts your message will get even more exposure when the people wearing your shirts post their pictures on facebook and Instagram.  ALWAYS design a shirt that you can imagine becoming (for one reason or another) someones favorite t-shirt.  It might be the way it looks, it might be a cause that the shirt is associated with, it might be remembered as a nice gesture and it might get worn hundreds of times.

Tee Don'ts

Don’t, when handing out t-shirts, ask someone their size.  It is better and less intrusive if you ask them ‘What size would you like?’.  They may see the shirt that you are offering them and think that it would be perfect for someone they know rather than for themselves or they may just feel that the asking of their size is a little more personal than they would like this transaction to be.

Budget Concerns

Larger quantity = lower unit price, be careful not to order a quantity just under a (quantity) price break.  White shirts are least expensive to print on, dark shirts (for a couple of reasons) are most expensive and light color shirts are priced between the two.  Give your printer time to print, the cost of rushing a project is almost always passed on to the customer.  Get the shirt and print (or prints) that you are happy with…  Purchase wisely but be careful that you end up with shirts that you and your company, club or organization can be proud of.

Giving Back

tMiami.com has a long history of giving back to our community.  We have done on-site printing to raise money for The Special Olympics and in support of cancer research through participation in Relay for Life special events.  We also offer support to fund raising events that are in support of people hurt on motorcycles through tMiami.com’s own SHWSH (Shirts Happen When Shit Happens) program.

How this website works best

The project that you are interested in having printed is perfectly unique but tMiami.com has done projects that are similar to yours hundreds or even thousands of times.  The styles that we feature on this website are by far our most popular.  Almost 50% of the shirts we do (for example) are the Gildan G5000 which is at the top of our T-shirt Styles page.  If you find the style you are looking for while browsing our website please call us or use that style’s form to contact us regarding your particular custom printing needs.  If you do not find the shirt or shorts or baseball cap style that you are looking for please still give us a call.  Hundreds more available styles are just a couple quick mouse clicks away.

tMiami.com wants very much to be your choice for custom printing.  Please feel free to contact us with any and all of the questions and or concerns that you might have regarding the service(s) that we offer.

Thank you very much for considering tMiami.com!

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