David Hertzbach started printnig t-shirts in Miami in 1987 with the company name Theodore T. Shurtz (sounhds like t-shirts) Inc. When the internet came along he switched from this sometimes confusing name to a name that was now a kind of contact information as well, tMiami.com.

Before the name switch though (in 1990) David married his favorite customer Deborah Lewis. A short time later Deborah and David (with the help of a small crew) were printing t-shirts together. A few years later came the aforementioned name change.

Deborah and David are shown here in a photograph that is possibly misleading in that (even though there is no mention of any formal vote having been taken) it appears they may have been duly elscted ‘King and Queen Hog’. They were not and they accept none of the responsibilities and / or obligations that might be associated with these titles. They were just having fun in Daytona and a friend took this picture.

Weekends and sometimes even long weekends are great but most of the time Deborah and David are still (with the help of their crew) over seeing the custom printing of t-shirts at tMiami.com’s Miami (Kendall) location. With automatic and manual machines, a talented crew and over 30 years of experience they do this very well. The quality of their work is what they are most proud of while 30+ years of know how make this company efficient enough that tMiami.com’s prices are truly and very competitive.

tMiami.com is still, and always will be, a very good and friendly small business. tMiami.com appreciates every opportunity they get to show their customers and potential customers just how good and competitive American small business can be. Are you curious enough or nosey enough that you would like to know even more? If ‘Yes’ please feel free to call them at 305.238.9001 or stop by any weekday between 9 and 5 at their 12202 SW 130th Steet Miami FL 33186 address. Thank you!

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