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About Us

My name is Dave.  I started with another company name in 1987 well before I even knew there was ever going to be an internet.  In 1989 I married one of my first customers Debi.  A year later we had twin baby customers Robert and Jason. (during it’s over 30 years of operation) has survived Hurricane Andrew, the year that followed 911, the Great Recession and the Covid 19 pandemic.  We’re survivors, we’re hard workers and we’re very good at what we do while we (at the same time) enjoy what we do very much.

If you are already a customer of I’m pretty sure you already know how much we appreciate you.  If you are new to I hope that you will choose to learn more about us and then make the decision to let us show you how friendly and professional we, and the rest of the people that work at, really are.

Thank you
David W. Hertzbach