Whew!  That was a close one!  I was so afraid that, after posting my first ‘tMiami.com T-Shirt & Small Business Blog’ blog post, I’d get so many comments that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them all.  I was afraid that family and friends would want me to take this blog in one direction while customers and prospects enthusiastically suggested another direction.  I was worried that, after I had made my decision, my family and friends would be upset with me just as the holiday season was beginning.  I was imagining scenarios such as me asking “Could you please pass me some of that tasty looking cranberry sauce?” and then me getting, instead of cranberry sauce, a cold stare that said “Your blog is stupid and my suggestion that your blog be all about Star Wars was awesome”.

I would have then had to agree that yes, a blog about Star Wars would be awesome.  But I would have also had to explain that the blog topics that my customers and prospects had suggested were so much better than that.  I’m sure that the suggestions my customers and prospects would have made, if they (you) had made any, would have been pure genius.  They would have been monetizable gems that shined like little blog topic diamonds and my job of writing blog posts would have been as easy as letting my blog write itself.

Whew!  Again… that was a close one.  I’m glad that my blog won’t be writing itself and I’m glad that I have good reason to expect that family and friends will be passing that tasty looking cranberry sauce to me this Thanksgiving.

Thank you for making it to the end of my second post and I hope that you enjoy a really great holiday season.